Company Profile

EMINEO Robotics is a new company, located in Coimbra (Portugal), working in the field of industrial robotics and automation. We focus mainly in designing new solutions developed in partnership with other companies and end-users, where we take advantage of our expertise in building automation systems with our own hardware, software and integrating third-party equipment and solutions.

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Our team has an extensive experience and was involved with the project, design and construction of several successful solutions for industry. Our main working areas include:

  • Industrial Flexible Manufacturing Cells.
  • Solutions specially designed for industrial and non-industrial SME.
  • Laboratory and clean room solutions, also dedicated to health environments;
  • Distributed software.
  • Force control.
  • Human-machine interfaces.
  • Programming by demonstration.
  • Speech interfaces.
  • Advanced programming interfaces.
  • CAD programming.
  • Co-worker scenario.
  • Cognitive factory scenario.
  • Teach by showing.

At Emineo Robotics we believe that robotics & automation technology can help your company to produce better, i.e., to be more efficient in taking advantage of the quality of the company human resources, the accumulated process knowledge and the production infrastructure to deliver more competitive products. We’ll help you to understand and overcome the challenge for flexible and agile manufacturing designing customized solutions that put focus on advanced human-machine interfaces.

Contact us to discuss your production setup, your current and future needs, and discover what we can do to help you.